Sunday, November 14, 2010

Get a handle on it Dude!

Dude is fond of fishing, especially if it means he gets to ride along in the boat. He's not much help out on the water, but he sure enjoys it.

After we have the catch back home, he starts to become a bit more helpful. Here you can see he's pulled a nice size channel cat out of the bucket so I can start cleaning the fish. Thankfully, catfish have barbs that double as handles. This allows the Dude to pick up those slippery creatures when he's in the mood for a little fish licking.

He's not called Mr. Lickerson for nothing - he enjoys giving those fish a little tongue bath.

Anyway, my little buddy loves to interact with creatures of all sorts, and fish are no exception. Whether it's licking, pawing at them, or simply getting a nibble in here and there, it's all in a day's effort for the Dude.

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