Friday, August 27, 2010

Even "the Dude" takes a vacation.

When the mood strikes us, and the weather is cooperating, "the Dude" and I go on vacation. Our favorite vacation spot is a little lake in northeast Texas. It's a nice place to be because it's private, peaceful and loaded with fish.

People say that east Texas has some of the best fishing on the planet, and I'm here to say that isn't far from the truth. I always tell folks, "They don't jump into the boat, but that's not far from the truth."

This photo is Dude and I relaxing on the front porch of the lakeside cottage, enjoying the nice warm day under the shade of many trees. I'm ready to go fishing, seeing how I've got my "fish wrestling" shirt on, and my little buddy is ready to go as well. When isn't he ready to go?

No matter what kind of fishing I'm up to, Humper is up for it too. Whether I get the fish on the dock or in the boat, he likes to paw at them and give them a few little bites as well. He knows that there are small animals in the water, and he just waits patiently for "the pack leader" to haul them in where he can get a chance to investigate.

I haven't seen Humper swim, and I'm not certain he can, so I'm careful with how excited I let him get when I land a big one. I'm also careful about him being in the sun too long when we're out on the boat, so I bring along a long ladle that helps me wet him down with water from the lake so he'll stay cool while I get in a few more casts.

My faithful Boston Terrier companion is at home just about anywhere he goes, whether we're running errands around town or on vacation in Texas. It seems he enjoys life with the pack leader as much as the pack leader enjoys life with him. He must know that he's not a water dog because he prefers to stay on the porch or run along shore, but when it comes to fishing, he's eager to hop in the boat - he knows there's critters in them waters.

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