Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's All Dude, All Day!

I don't watch television for a range of reasons, mainly because there isn't anything on TV that is worth my time. I also consider the uber-commercial nature of TV to be an unwarranted intrusion in my life. I don't need advertisers constantly showing and telling me that I'm dissatisfied with my life.

When it comes to TV, I'd rather watch my dog sleep. And, that's exactly what Dude would rather have me do as well.

There's a television in my home, but that's for watching movies. And, there's a television cabinet at my cottage, and that's for watching the Dude while he sleeps.

It's my version of what you might likely hear on TV, "It's all Dude, all day, on the weekend Boston Terrier marathon." It sounds a bit like one of those week long or weekend long movie channels or sports channels. I know my Humper Dude won't ever have his own TV show, but he seems to be perfectly satisfied to be inside the TV cabinet in his bed. And, that's close enough for both of us.

Let's consider the advantages of having Dude in the TV cabinet instead of "on the set." First of all, he doesn't have to go through makeup and hairstyling. I'm sure he's rather happy about that. Also consider that there are no lines to memorize, no tele-prompter to read, and no long days at the studio. And, just think of all the autograph signing he avoids!

He knows that he leads a dog's life - a rather exceptional dog's life. One that is very special, even without being on TV.

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