Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A place at the table for a well behaved dog

Dude is like anyone else in the house - if he's well behaved, then he can sit at the table. Well, why not? He might as well join the party so he can see what all the people are doing up there on that table top.

The truth is that he likes the view from the chair, but doesn't much like the idea that the chair swivels. Nevertheless, he's glad to be in a better seat up off of the carpet where mere cats prowl.

We don't make a habit of feeding him from the table - at least not while he's sitting at the table. If we did, we'd feel obligated to put another place setting there.

And, can you imagine how difficult it would be to teach him to use silverware, drink from a glass and properly use his serviette? We're just not up to that kind of training assignment.

Talk about a challenge for Amy Vanderbilt!

So, we do have our limits when it comes to table manners and our Dude. When it comes to eating, he has his own place, but when it comes to social events, he can sit with the rest of us simply because he's part of our family and he's well behaved.

He'll never meet the standards of social etiquette at anyone's table but mine, but then, that's all that matters. He's my Dude at my table, and he knows it. As long as it's alright with the pack leader, it's alright with "the Dude."

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