Friday, September 4, 2009

Dude in a box...what will they think of next?

While washing beds for my Boston Terrier buddy, I found a temporary solution for the Dude to take a nap.

I put an old pillow inside a cardboard flat, and Mr. Lickerson immediately identified it as his bed.

It looked a little tight for my 32 pound buddy, but he took to it right away. I've found that he'll make a bed out of just about anything, especially if you point to it and tell him to "get in the bed."

What more can a guy ask for? The Dude isn't picky about where he naps. He just wants to be near you.

Whether the pillow was inside or outside the box, it probably wouldn't make a difference. Anything like a pillow has to be a sufficiently comfortable bed for the little guy.

When we're in the greenhouse together, he lays in the sand under the table, and that seems to satisfy him just fine. I have a couple of old pillows out there for kneeling, so perhaps he'd prefer to use one of those the next time we're out there harvesting kale or picking tomatoes.

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