Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dude's best traits...what he doesn't do

Every dog has certain traits that define who he or she is. With the Dude, his best traits are the ones he doesn't have. In general, he's a wonderful dog, but his best traits are characteristics he doesn't have that are commonly found in other dogs. Here are the two traits that I think start to make Dude just about the best companion that a man could ever ask for.

I am so pleased with the idea that Humper essentially doesn't bark. That's a little unusual for a dog, so it leads me to believe that he has a little boxer in his lineage. His muscular build suggests that as well.

I'm not saying he is completely silent, but you'd think that was the case under normal circumstances. Unless he is startled or frightened, I never here a peep out of him. The only way to hear him bark is to start roughhousing with him. Even then, his bark is more of a raspy singing rather than a harsh bark.

With the Dude, I never have to tell him to be quiet. I'm never concerned that he might wake someone up. He just isn't vocal, unless there is a good reason to be.

The second most admirable trait is he never bites. He has had uncomfortable procedures at the vet, and I know that I have inadvertently hurt his ears and tail while playing with him, and he never shows even the slightest inclination to bite.

The one concern that people have about dogs is being bitten. People ask if your dog bites about as often as they ask any question about your dog. Being bitten is a big concern.

I know that any dog can bite, but the Dude has never bitten anyone, and I don't think he ever will. There isn't a mean bone in his body. He loves all people and animals. He truly gives his affection unconditionally.

The Dude has many wonderful characteristics, but best of all, he doesn't bark and he doesn't bite.

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