Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dog's where it all started

Like most everyone else, I love my Boston Terrier. He's a great dog and a wonderful companion. It's difficult to stop singing praises of him, so I decided to start this blog to sing out loud and clear, and share with others.

And, give others a chance to share as well.

My dog's registered name is Humper Go-Play Lickerson (a.k.a. Dude), so that's where the title of this blog comes from. I couldn't very well attract followers with a blog named Humper, so I settled on using his nickname.

Humper is a rescue from the animal shelter here in Cheyenne, Wyoming. They told me "he's a humper" so I just had to name him that. It's odd, but it's honest. Unbeknown to the technician that showed me the dog, he had been "fixed" so he isn't at all like his name - he is very polite.

And, he knows that he has two names. We regularly refer to him as Dude, but when we really need to get his attention, we call him Humper.

During a visit to my family in Michigan, just after Humper joined our family, my aunt asked what his name was. When I told her, she exclaimed: "Humper?" and I responded, "yeah, he's the Humper dude" and his nickname was born.

I get a big kick out of people in town who enjoy his playfulness and friendliness at some of the stores. They'll often ask me for his name. When I say Humper, men often step back for fear of what might be coming next, and women often go silent and lose interest in my dog. Others that realize it's just a name don't seem to be fazed by it. Some chuckle, some smile, and most prefer to call him Dude.

It's great that he has two names because then we all get a choice.

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