Monday, October 29, 2012

Dude is the Captain of the Row Boat

People have told me that this photo looks like Dude is giving me directions from the stern deck while I work the oars. It's not exactly that way. We're more like a team. He enjoys the ride, and I enjoy taking him for a ride. It's an adventure for both of us.

He's all decked out in his pink life jacket. It's not a very manly color, but neither one of us care. It's a handy piece of gear. When Dude gets a bit hot from sitting in the sun, I grab the handle on the back of the life jacket and hoist him overboard into the water for a quick dip, then lift him back into the boat. He's cooled off and stops panting, and we both like that. Like I said, we're a team.

Rowing is a favorite activity of mine and like all of my favorite activities, I like to have my favorite dog tag along, so off we go for a leisurely stroll around the lake.

Life at the lake is good, it's better with the Dude.

By the way, the wheels on the row boat are permanently mounted on the "Dude platform" so I can turn the boat over and easily wheel it up and down the driveway. Here's more information on this easy project:

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