Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dude has a hard life at the hardware store...yeah, right!

I spend time in Winnsboro, Texas when I get the urge to go fishing. Of course, the Dude goes with me because he likes fishing too. His job is to lick the fish and give them a nip every now and then too. He knows there are creatures in the water, and he wants to play with them. His middle name isn't "Go-play" for nothing!

Invariably, there is something that needs maintenance, repair or improvement at "Camp Clair," so I blend this in with my fishing time. On my most recent trip, the need for my handyman services included plumbing repair and improvement, so off to the hardware store we went.

Yep, the Dude goes shopping too. What could be easier than shopping when you have your own personal shopper to assist you in the selection of the proper parts, materials and supplies?

Our favorite hardware store in Winnsboro is Poultry Plus. It's a funny name for a hardware store, but it's a fine place with great people and reasonable prices. And, they usually have what I need. Best of all, I don't have to drag off 30 miles to shop at a "big box" store to find what I need. I like the idea of spending my money at a local store, and Humper likes the idea of spending time with local folks as well - especially those with a little treat for well behaved four-legged companions like my buddy, Mr. Lickerson.

Meet Kacy Morris, expert in customer service and a certified dog lover. Fellow employees have referred to her as a "dog nut" but let's not go there. According to Dude, she's the official "snack lady" at Poultry Plus who is always at the ready when it comes to healthy dog treats for pooches in dire need of a snack and a little attention.

A snack you say? This is something that my four footed friend isn't going to miss out on, come hell or high water. If there is a treat in the house, he's going to do his best to sniff it out, beg for it, and as a last resort, simply sit there looking cute until someone gives in. When he's not helping me shop, he's looking for a treat or entertaining other customers with his friendly antics.

So, what more could a couple of guys ask for - good service, convenient location, reasonable prices, a great feeling of being welcome, and a healthy snack. Dude comes back for the dog treats and petting. I come back because these folks have what I need, and they're very helpful in making certain I'm getting what's necessary to complete the job.

Oh, I almost forgot, returns aren't a problem either. In fact, Dude is always trying to coax me into buying too much just so we have something to return. Do you think he's just trying to get more time with the snack lady? I think so.

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  1. Oh my what an article! Thanks for the plug for Poultry Plus/Hardware, too! The Dude is certainly "The Dude" in my book. I love him like my own! And he is most certainly the most well behaved customer we have :~)
    It is amazing that his owner can come in, get what he needs, spend money, AND I get to visit with my 4-legged friend!! Treats for Humper!!!
    Thanks again,


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