Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Visit from Wiggler

If there's one thing that Dude is good at, it's visiting with others. It doesn't matter what or who, he'll spend good quality time and enjoy every minute of it. Once I caught him frolicking along a barbed wire fence and on the other side was a young calf frolicking too.

Visiting with others is big fun simply because it's someone or something paying attention to my "attention hound."

Enter, a rather large guest, Wiggler.

Brad and Barb, our friends in Cheyenne have their share of dogs, and Wiggler is one of them. She's a nice dog with a great temperament. Her and Dude could have been litter mates - neither had such a bright future before they were rescued, neither are inclined to bark, both love to play, both get along well with others, and both are attention hounds.

If Wiggler wasn't playing with Dude, she was under the table nudging me for a little clandestine petting. Sorry, I just can't keep a secret.

Anyway, it was a nice evening with friends and loyal four-footed companions. It was fun to watch Wiggler run through the house with Dude chasing after her. It was like a small white horse being chased by a regular size dog. (It's a perspective thing.) And, it gave both Ellen and I a chance to spend time with a breed of dog that has always interested us. If we didn't have a Boston Terrier, we'd likely have a Boxer.

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