Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mr. Lickerson gets his man

As loyal long time readers know, Dude's full name is Humper Go-play Lickerson. Dude is just his nickname, and "the Dude" is more like a title. His last name comes from his interest in licking. He'll lick just about anything and anyone, and sometimes he just licks thin air.

Well, in the summer of 2009 we had a wonderful couple come and visit us here at Best of Both Worlds. Kitty and Ed stopped by to look at our greenhouses because they were on the cusp of getting one themselves. I was looking forward to their visit because I like to share what I know and help others when I can.

Dude enjoys the visits too because that gives him new people to lick.

As it turned out, Ed is a kind of animal magnet. He loves animals, and they love him as well.

Dude was no exception, and Ed was more than willing to have a face-to-face encounter with Mr. Lickerson. Our darling Dude got to lick to his heart's content, and Ed didn't need to wash up for dinner. What a deal!

I've never seen a dog have so much tongue and such a need to share it with others. Lickerson is a good name for my Boston Terrier buddy. He lives up to it.

Thankfully, most people understand doggy breath, and many folks don't mind doggy kisses, but the Dude just isn't satisfied with sneaking little kisses.

We're talking Olympic level dog kisses.

Ed was a great sport, and we all had a good time, especially Mr. Lickerson.

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  1. Dude looks just like you! Well, actually he's far more handsome! ;-)


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