Monday, April 27, 2009

The Dude is a basketball star

For a short 30 pound dog, you wouldn't ever pick someone like the Dude to be on your basketball team, but I sure would. I've never seen a dog handle a basketball as well as the Dude.

Basketballs are one of his favorite toys, yet it seems incomprehensible that he would enjoy them. First of all, they're too big to get in his mouth, so he can't very well carry them. But, that doesn't keep him from trying.

Second, they bounce way higher than he can jump, so they wind up out of reach so very often. Third, the top of them are so high off the ground that it's difficult for him to get his paws on them.

Nevertheless, the Dude loves basketballs. His favorite basketball activity is to jump up and try to catch the things as they bounce around. He'll never do it, but that doesn't stop him from trying.

His next most favorite activity with a basketball involves chasing it down the driveway and overtaking it by climbing on top. This usually results in him rolling over the top of the ball, and perhaps that's the thrill of it all.

If not jumping or rolling over them, he's pushing them with his nose. I believe that he thinks they are animated to some extent because he sure loves 'em.

I figure that since he loves tennis balls so much, he probably figures that a basketball is just a larger version, so there's bound to be more fun in it.

Anyway, if Dude's happy, then I'm happy to get him some basketballs to play with on the drive.

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